Frame & Skid

Pump frames suffer from stress cracking and fatigue cracking at the front-end bulkhead and at the pinion, crankshaft, and bearing support areas, so White Star has paid particular attention to the strength of the frame and the way it's manufactured. The frame is fabricated from hot rolled plate and the longitudinal plates have been increased in thickness by nearly 1/2" to prevent the frame from "breathing". The White Star pump frame is machined the full length of the hold down runners at the base on either side. The skid has a fully milled flush run of 1" plate the full length of the pump. When the pump is bolted with the machined skid the stresses from the front end of the pump are transmitted through the skid, which provides added strength to the frame and a reduction in stress at the high stress points typical of other existing triplex pumps. The strongest frame in the industry and compatible with Ideco parts.

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