Subsurface Sucker Rod Pump

White Star Pump LLC has developed a manufacturing partnership with UKR-LAND SCIENTIFIC AND PRODUCTION COMPANY, LLC established in 1992 in Ukraine, Kharkov сity, for the production of well sucker-rod pumps. All items of the specification manufactured on standard API Spec 11 AX. By utilizing Ukrland’s expertise in manufacturing White Star is able to produce the finest quality Sucker Rod Pump at the most competitive prices, even compared to the products coming out of Asia. We believe that production in Ukraine can offer the best value globally, by having both low wages and the European craftmanship to build the finest equipment in the world.


  • European workmanship coupled with globally competitive price points
  • Qualified , onsite and assistance with equipment selection
  • Expedited production cycle and parts availability (kitting and spare parts )
  • Personalized before and after-sales service; flexible pricing options
  • Employee training on installation, servicing and maintenance

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